The Biofil Laboratory has elaborated this brand of cosmetics following the principles edited by Anne-Sofie Corman (the Biofil creator) over many years of experience of everyday life in his beauty centre.

Beyond the products, Biofil is also a technical-commercial concept intended to give an exceptional brand image of the beautician.

Based on an avant-garde technology, the Biofil Laboratory developes an original methodology (called Cytophylactie) anxious to meet all the vital needs of the skin in order to give it a healthy and balanced life.

Thanks to the effect of cellular revitalisation and the creation of personalized beauty treatments, it is permitted to fight efficiency against aging of the skin.

Several more specific cases such as: healing of the skin tissues, psoriasis, prevention and elimination of stretch marks, pigmentary marks and many other skin problems of the same order are also concerned by BIOFIL products.