Annexed to all these standard beauty cares,

Biofil offers the chance to start on an impressive

series of more special treatments.

Burns, chapping, eczemas, bedsores, treatment of pigmentation …

In the cas of problems coming from regeneration, the control of the causes assures a long-lasting solution. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, while staying in the cosmetics domaine, to have this control. It is pointless to say that in the case of eczema, only the healing and skin reinforcement effects may be kept.

On the contrary, the slight burns, chapping, small stretch marks, bedsores due to prolonged bed confinement are solutioned rapidly. Excellent results are obtained for the treatment of pigmentation marks that are due to photosensibilization phenomena or ageing.

Venous problems

The venous problems have to be approached in a specific way. That is, firstly, an action on the vascularization with the Bio-active fluid by daily application on the legs, and secondly by an action on the regeneration with the Intensive cream and the intensive serum by local and regular applications. The union of these two aspects of treatment has for consequence to stabilize the phenomenon.