150 ml - 5,30 oz

Package for consumers

500 ml - 17,65 oz

Package for beauticians



Indispensable part of face cleansing, this lotion will have a regeneration, calming and vascularization effect. Suitable for dry skin treatment and blothes. For body cares, the lotion will be used to give a best peripheral vascularity effect.


  1. Restores the skin's PH which is slightly modified after the milk application.

  2. Completes the face cleansing.

  3. Cleans and prepares the body.

  4. Preparation of the skin for the beauty centre and home treatment.

  5. Improvement of the peripheral vascularity

  6. Treatment of dry skin

  7. Anti-inflammatory action.

  8. Prevention of flaky skin.

  9. Revitalization effect given by the cytological extracts.

  10. When mixed with the mask cream, ONLY to be mixed in the beauty centre, gives a slight peeling effect