150 ml - 5,30 oz

Package for consumers

Jar of 500 ml - 17,65 oz

Package for beauticians



This revilatization producthas a multitude of applications which are at the same time different and yet complementary :

  • Revitalization fluid cream, used as day or night cream.

  • Body milk softly perfumed. Ideal for relaxing legs that feel heavy after a long day's work.

  • After-sun Lotion moisturizing and calming. Necessary after many sun expositions


Day cream

  1. Revitalization and regeneration of the skin

  2. Make-up base

  3. For men, to be used as an after-shave

  4. Corrects pigmentation defects (Face)

  5. Moisturizes with the Skin-Repair Cream

  6. Gives a pleasant sensation of freshness

Body milk

  1. Moisturizing of the body

  2. Favours skin regeneration when combined with the Intensive cream

  3. Tones up the body skin

  4. Circulation with the Skin-Repair Cream

  5. Prevents swelling of the legs (pregnancy)

  6. Prevention and treatment of stretch marks at puberty

  7. Treatment of the scalp (dandruff, eczema,..) and also scalp psoriasis

  8. Corrects pigmentation defects (body)

After-sun lotion

  1. Moisturizes and fixes the suntan

  2. Treatment for sunburn