The particularity of Cytophylactie concept is to give to the beauticians the power of decision to meet ALL of the skin's vital needs. For BIOFIL, only the beautician is the ability's person to provide to the skin a healthy and balanced life in order to allow it to progress harmoniously in time..

The cytophylactie lies in one simple observation

Normal functioning skin cells engender a healthy skin 

To fully understand the conception of the Biofil products, you must only think about the cellular life and not about the different problems (dry skin, wrinkles, ...). In this way, Biofil prefers to rectify the cellular weaknesses to solve all skin problems. 

As, our way of life remains one of the factors of the deficiencies' origin, the cytophylactie increases cells vigour to progressively correct all weaknesses with two sorts of reactions in the skin cells : 

Revitalisation et Regeneration

With REVITALIZATION, the cellular functioning is strengthened on more, giving a Qualitative effect, while the REGENERATION concerns the cellular structure with a more Quantitative objective.