50 ml - 1,75 oz

Package for consumers

jar of 100 ml - 3,50 oz

Package for Beauticians



This skin care cream (night/day) is aimed at the cellular restructuring of the skin and for all the cares where the skin must be regenerated. 

Psoriasis,stretch marks, wrinkles, eczema, burns, dry skin, fragile and fine skin, acne, cysts, spots, blothes, varices and varicoses veins in the legs are problems treated by this cream.


  1. Regeneration of the skin (Face and Body)

  2. Treatment of stretch marks

  3. Tones down wrinkles of the face

  4. Increases cellular oxygenation

  5. Treatment of all skin problems, eczema, burns

  6. Suitable for dry skin

  7. Treatment of acne, cysts, spots

  8. Treatment of psoriasis

  9. Improves blood circulation

  10. Treatment for blotches, varices and varicose veins in the legs

  11. For fragile and fine skin