The cells are the basic element of the life and are identical in their composition, only the genetic code is capable of differentiating them. This code includes two main parts : 

The Genotype and the Functioning

The Genotype is the unchanging part in which is found the information indicating to the cell what it should do. It also contains the genetic inheritance of each person. Any modification is impossible.

The Functioning is the part that runs the daily cellular life. It is capable of recording events like a sort of memory. The cytophylactie concerns this zone exclusively so as to maintain a normal functioning taking into account the circumstances of life.

Life's Ages

Each person faces the ageing process in their own way, depending on their temperament. Consequently there exists different types of age:

Calendar age

This is the easiest one to establish as it is calculated from the date of birth.

Cellular age

This is the perfect age that depends on a genetically programmed clock. It represents a first short period of growth followed by a long progressive degeneration, with an outcome of about 125 years. Unfortunately, all the deficiencies of life have a direct influence on this age, causing premature ageing.

Social age

This is the one that society gives us. It will be subject to change thanks to an aesthetic treatment that will obviously try to diminue, or even reduce the calendar age. At this stage, one could talk of "rejuvenation".

Intimate age

Unlike the social age, this is the age that we give ourselves and which is our own to define. It is the centre of the famous "to put on years". Of course, a cutaneous improvement also modifies this age.

Consequently, the abstract notion of rejuvenation consists of modifying the social and intimate age through an aesthetic action tending to bring together the reality of the skin's life and the cellular age of reference.